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Hi, everyone!

On sale are the Japanese artbooks: Gankutsuou, Fullmetal Alchemist TV & Animation Artbook 2, Samurai Champloo Roman Album, Shinobi (Akihiro Yamada), and Hyakki Yakoushou 2. Also part of the sale is the first volume of the Hyakki Yakoushou manga.

***UPDATE: Gankutsuou artbook sold***

All artbooks are for $15 and the manga is for $5.
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28 July 2009 @ 12:47 am
I'm on vacation, relaxing and with Vagrant Story on the brain, I'm going to crank out some fanart. This is the second one - this time basing Ashley Riot in Undercity going into battle stance (or mode if in-game).

Update: Third one this week. Ashley vs. the Golem in the Sanctum.

26 July 2009 @ 01:28 am

I just had to listen to Sakimoto's wonderful music for this game. :) Just had to bring out Ashley Riot then and there. I'm surprised I did it all in one night, too. I guess this is what makes Vagrant Story one of the games I love the most - great character design, wonderful Lea Monde, and so much rich intrigue.
03 July 2009 @ 11:44 pm
My original characters, Sorsen and Serna Ulemaich after a good run-through with Jason Chan's character tutorial (Heroes) on ConceptArt. It's another level up for me in terms of my art. :)

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22 October 2008 @ 03:37 am

On Assignment

- A ‘Clover’ fanfiction written by RinoaDestiny; all characters and rights are CLAMP’s. -

He heard of the death soon after. Closed his eyes behind his visor, took a deep breath, and shuffling the papers into a folder, tried to resume his work. Tried to get from military base to home, letting his mind work auto-pilot for him. Tried to forget with Ran’s offer of tea and the caught heat between their bodies later that night. Tried to sleep but his words bounce back, rolling to a stop in his brain and he knew, if other words hadn’t been exchanged, that tonight would be a very different night.

The lights shine outside but when he looks, all he sees is the possibility of blood.

“You can’t be serious,” Gingetsu stated, tightening his jaw. The faintest hint of a raised silver brow was the only other indicator that something bothered him. Something being what he’d just been asked – commanded, rather – to do. Otherwise, he stood straight, unflinching; ice and marble and soldier incarnate. It was times like these when the visor shielded his eyes, giving him only numbers and grids and a myriad of other technological advances and he was grateful for it.

Still, Wizard Shuu was a master of reading him and he had to be careful. The Council didn’t look very kindly upon Clovers questioning their judgment, especially for one in the armed forces trained to total compliance. Unfailing obedience. Unsteady ground, and for a Two-Leaf, extremely dangerous. Even more so since the Three-Leaf was with him and he swallowed imperceptibly, keeping his sight on the shriveled old man as one faces an opponent.

“I would not have expected such a reaction from you, Lieutenant Colonel. Still, you are a product of the Clover Leaf Project. As such, perhaps that’s to be expected. Yet,” and the tone in the ancient voice sharpened, “an assignment has been given to you. That’s to eliminate the One-Leaf Clover, Oruha.”

His resulting silence was deadly. He could almost hear the minutes ticking off in his head, clockwork spinning. Whatever he said next had to be tempered with caution. There was no need to die, here in this room, because of attachments to the past.

He’d known of her, perhaps, when they were children.

“Shuu, you cannot ask this of me.” His voice was mild, tightly kept under control. “I would comply if it was an enemy but the One-Leaf means us no harm.”

“The One-Leaf,” Wizard Shuu replied back, curtly, “has gotten in contact somehow with the Four-Leaf. You should know, Gingetsu, what matter of security breach that is. Kou tried to hide the matter from the rest of the Council but I found out. Instead of creating chaos and catastrophe, we can resolve it simply by removing the One-Leaf.”

“And in the name of security, you’ll weed out the unwanted. I suppose when my time is up and I’m of no more use, detonating the bomb will resolve all issues concerning me.”

A sharp inhalation of breath pierced the air. “Dangerous words, Lieutenant Colonel. Fay Ryuu and that Three-Leaf must have changed you. Years ago, you would not have said that.”

He kept silent. Gingetsu knew how his childhood and adolescence shaped him, turning him into an emotional barricade. Growing up, knowing that his father feared him and that his mother unwillingly released him into the hands of scientists and doctors was a wound that never truly healed. They’d asked him questions, made him complete tests, and when the results came back, forever branded him with the tattoo on his wrist. Military camp followed, marching him towards his path as a Commander of the Secret Colors Battalion and he couldn’t say no. Lost his ability to; created to become efficient and impersonal.

“I will ask you once more, Lieutenant Colonel Gingetsu. You have been assigned the task of eliminating a named target. Will you undertake this mission?”

“No.” It’s like a death knell but Gingetsu looked at the Wizard from behind his visor, already accepting the cost. “I’m not the one to complete this task. The assignment must go to someone else.” He couldn’t – would not – take up arms against one of his own. A fellow Clover. It gave him the mental image of killing Ran with his own hands...

Don’t. Stop. Never go there. Never think about it.

“So be it, Lieutenant Colonel Gingetsu. Someone else will be given your assignment, commencing on the date of birth. However...” The sudden change of inflection carried the potency of a hidden threat behind the other man’s bearings; Gingetsu grew wary. “Whatever you do, this is classified information and as such, must be kept secret from Fay Ryuu and the Three-Leaf. I trust you have mastered dissembling and I should hope that your affection for them hasn’t altered your discipline as of late, Gingetsu.”

A veiled warning. The controls ticking in his head. Reminding him not to step out of line. About what might happen, should this information leak to sources not deemed appropriate...

“I take it I’m dismissed, then?”

“We are finished. Dismissed, Lieutenant Colonel.”

He left then, gripping his sword; the hilt biting into the palm of his hand. He walked back, under the rain – like that one time about a year ago – and started shuffling the pieces and words into something else. Started pretending that nothing troubled him, so that Ran wouldn’t know. Even if he’d asked, he wouldn’t be obligated to explain.

For the first time in a long while, the walk back home seemed endless.

In about a week’s time, he was summoned again – this time via his visor display interface – and Shuu offered him a different assignment. Not an assassination. Not even leading his forces into any one of the distant countries that harried them. Something simple but tedious. He took it without complaint, thinking about the other task he’d relegated to someone else. Thought about Kazuhiko Fay Ryuu and the woman who sang at the livehouse. Oruha. One-Leaf Clover. Her birthday coming up and it was then that Gingetsu realized he couldn’t be there.

Did not want to see her die.

Bought flowers and a bottle of champagne as an early gift. Had an excuse ready, because Ryuu was so obvious in spilling details out and he did have that training orientation and paperwork slated exactly on that day. Knew why he did that and the knowledge did nothing to lessen the weight in his heart.

But on the day he went there, carrying his early presents, the soldier looked and saw how happy the other man was. Thought about Ran – their days and nights interwoven; silver and dark blue entangled, lost in heat – and he could only wish them the best for the few days they had left. Oruha sang on stage, her voice releasing skeins of dreams that would never be and Gingetsu wondered how she could carry on, knowing death drew near. A bomb in his head; a countdown of years; an eternity enclosed and the memory of a song lingering, perhaps, once the minutes slipped away like fine grains of sand in an old hourglass.

Somehow, he’d managed by the time she reached him, to reply to Ryuu as if nothing ever happened. As if Wizard Shuu’s initial summons was a bad dream from which he’d awoken. Yet, with that clover on her chest, it reminded him once more of their fate and the taste of smoke turned to bitterness and ashes in his mouth.

A spring in her step. “You came!”

He was ready.

“Your birthday is coming up. I’ll be on assignment then...so I thought I’d make it an early celebration.”

AUTHOR’S NOTE: When I first read Vol. 3, Gingetsu’s statement to Oruha didn’t strike me as fascinating or strange, until a later re-read. I started to wonder why he missed out on attending the livehouse with Kazuhiko on her birthday and then pondered what assignment that could be. That led me in conjectures and circles and with the rumor of Barus’s (Bol's) involvement (which I tackled in an earlier fic, with plenty of mistakes because of lack of Vol. 3 at the time); I kept on trying to figure out what was going on. Why did the Council, supposedly, hire Barus if rumor ran true? Why not one of their people?

That was when it hit me that Shuu pulls some pretty powerful strings and that Wizard seems to keep Gingetsu on hold for certain situations. What if – in the most extreme of situations – that was the assignment offered to the Two-Leaf? What if it was further means of maintaining control and to test Gingetsu’s loyalty? Then, the question would be: “How would Gingetsu react?” Tried not to make him OOC in this one but considering he and Oruha were probably in the program the same time as children, I can see him resisting Shuu even with some disbelief. Gingetsu is only human, after all.

It would be like the Council to do that, considering what Shuu did to Kazuhiko later on.

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03 July 2008 @ 11:27 pm
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01 July 2008 @ 10:12 pm
My personality type: the reliable realist
27 April 2008 @ 09:24 pm
 To date, I've improved more in these two weeks than I ever have in the past five years. =) Seriously, hitting those anatomy books and doing gesture drawings and pushing my limits is really helping me to advance. I'm finally starting to have fun. 

FFT Dancer 
This fanart, for instance. I did draw the Dancer job class from FFT before, but in that one, she was still stiff. This one, after seeing a live bellydancer, really gave me the incentive to get the flow of the line and curves of the female body. Five years ago, I wouldn't have been able to draw this. 

Cian and Keir - Injury from the Past_RinoaDestiny
And as for this one? A quickie speedpaint that originated in my head last night. I visualized it and decided to see if I could bring it out just like that. I can and I did. One hour and thirty minutes on OpenCanvas - a new record. Now, this gets exciting.

FFT Agrias Oaks?RinoaDestiny
Of course, this one started it all. Without this one, I wouldn't have started getting serious with my anatomy and art, or found my true style. Thank you, Agrias Oaks (FFT) and it always seems like a good mix of Akihiko Yoshida, Hitoshi Sakimoto, Matsuno, and Yasunori Mitsuda do wonders for my mind.

Signing off,
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02 February 2008 @ 03:03 am

My, it's February already. So fast - where does all the time fly?

I've been buying a crudload of stuff lately. Why does all of the good stuff come in bunches rather than spread out? It would be easier on my wallet. XP

1. Super Mario Galaxy Platinum soundtrack
2. Final Fantasy IV DS soundtrack
3. Final Fantasy IV Piano Collections soundtrack
4. Lost Odyssey soundtrack
5. 4 Fullmetal Alchemist doujinshi (yes, I've started collecting those: 3 light BL (2 Hughes x Roy, 1 Roy x Ed) and 1 Roy x Riza) + one minor H one that I got as a free omake item *snerk*. Also got for free two FMA postcards and a Scar card.
6. Final Fantasy Tactics Character Card Books Vol. 1 & Vol. 2

As for my practice painting, I recently pulled this off and hope that future ones will be better:

Seems to be Jean Markhem from my story, "Four Stars, No Stripes". Yes! Next is my pretty boy Celtic warrior, Cian mac Leslie. Oh, what fun!

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So, my computer decides to crap on me and stay shut down for about a week - like last week. I nearly lost my story files, my pictures, and all that is good and awesome on my hard drive. I think it's a virus, considering it's working fine since I've killed the viruses last night. So much for that. I'm still getting a laptop for back-up, just in case it decides to give me the one finger salute once again.

As for my current projects, FSNS will be on hold until my laptop comes - I'm not taking chances - and I'm currently working on my Ulemaich brothers story. I'm drawing it out as a rough comic book first, which I'll repaint in a crack version of Painter (once the laptop comes) when the story's complete. I'm also painting story scenarios and character portraits and hopefully, I can accumulate enough for a full-color artbook by the end of a year. My new artwork is here:

Going to work on a 4th one now. I'm not sure what the next scenario will be, but it'll be interesting.

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